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Heat Pump Units

Upgrading Your Heat Pump Unit

When heat pump units first appeared, in the 1970s, they were huge, noisy and unreliable and homeowners had no desire to install them. Modern technology has, however, changed that and also caused the price of heat pump units to drop remarkably. These days virtually every home has a climate control system installed as a heat […]

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Old Heat Pump

When Should You Get a New Heat Pump

Heat pumps are 2-in-1-furnaces, operating as a furnace when it is cold and an air conditioner when it is hot. In the summer they remove excess heat from inside the house and the process is reversed in the winter, when heat is taken from the outside and transferred into the house. If you install a […]

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Heat Pump Comparisons

Do A Heat Pump Comparison the Right Way

In these economic times, few people can afford to make mistakes and waste their money on the wrong item. Some tips on heat pump comparisons might just help with that. When it comes to buying an expensive or “big ticket” item like a heat pump, you should learn how to perform a proper heat pump […]

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Compare Heat Pumps

How to Compare Heat Pumps to get the Best

When you are spending money on your home, you want to buy the accessories that you know will do a good job. You can’t afford to waste money on any piece of equipment that won’t do the job it is intended for. That is why when purchasing a home cooling and heating system, you need […]

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Heat Pump Cooling

A Heat Pump For Summer Cooling?

The term ‘heat pump cooling’ is not one that is often used though it has so many benefits that it should be more well-known. A heat pump cooling system is very similar to an air conditioner. Both employ thermodynamics in their workings, meanings that they take the warm air and spit out cool air. So […]

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How Heat Pump Works

A Quick Guide to Heat Pumps

If this is the first time that you are purchasing a heat pump then it is very important that you follow a heat pump guide in order to make the best final decision. Without careful instructions and a comprehensive knowledge of how the heat pump works, you may struggle to, firstly, find the right product, […]

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How Heat Pumps Work

How Does A Heat Pump Really Work?

An important thing to know when looking for a heat pump is how heat pumps work in practice. A lot of people don’t know the first thing about the workings of a heat pump, and this shows in their decision-making. Being informed on this point can make your choice a whole lot easier when you […]

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