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Heat Pump Air Conditioning

What There Is To Know About Heat Pump Air Conditioning

What is the difference between heat pump air conditioning vs. other forms of air conditioning? Learning the major differences between the heat pump air conditioner and a central or split air conditioner system is vital when you are searching to buy a new home. Many homeowners, especially ones thinking about remodeling or revamping an older […]

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Ground Heat Pumps

What Exactly Are Ground Source Heat Pumps?

What is a ground heat pump or earth energy heat pump? The ground heat pump technology is a form of “green” heating that has been around since the 1940s. Ground heat pumps are fairly new developments in the heating and cooling technology world. But they are quickly gaining popularity due to their ability to save […]

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Ductless Heat Pump

Ductless Heat Pumps Heat One Area While Cooling Another

In this day and age everyone is concerned in saving energy and doing their bit for the environment, and it is for this reason that heat pumps are so popular, and of course homeowners do what they can to find out about all the different types that are available. Ductless heat pumps are a sought […]

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Water Source Heat Pumps

Environmentally Friendly Water Source Heat Pumps

It is a known fact that water source heat pumps are the most environmentally friendly, efficient and economical ways to heat and cool your home. They have fewer mechanical components than other heat pumps and these components are found underground and sheltered from the weather. What people appreciate about these pumps is that they are […]

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Thermal Heat Pumps

Thermal Heat Pumps as Alternative Heating Sources

There are many different types of heat pumps available on the market, such as thermal heat pumps. These are there for the specific purpose of heating your home. One such alternative would be geothermal heat pumps (GHPs). The way in which heat pumps work is that they move air from one area or space to […]

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Residential Heat Pumps

What to Know About Residential Heat Pumps

For those who reside in moderate climates, residential heat pumps, which heat your home via a principle called heat transference, are the way to go to either heat or cool your home. Heat pumps are devices that transfer thermal energy from a source to a sink that is at a higher temperature than the source. […]

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Central Heat Pumps

Major Types of Central Heat Pumps

A central heat pump is a system that combines a central aUnless you live in area of the country that has a very extreme climate, it has been shown that a central heat pump is one of the best and most efficient methods of heating and cooling your home. The 3 Major Types of Central […]

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Mini Split System

The Convenience Of a Mini Split Heat Pump

If you are thinking about buying a ductless or mini split unit for your house, then you should look at these ideas when selecting your split heat pump system. When anyone first starts talking about heat pumps, ductwork and air handlers, if you are like most people, your eyes begin to glaze over and the […]

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3 Ton Heat Pump

Is a 3 Ton Heat Pump Big Enough?

A 3 ton heat pump versus a 2 ton or 5 ton heat pump – what’s does it matter? If you are like most homeowners, when they start to investigate and do research on replacing or upgrading their heating and cooling system, the question which heat pump size is best always crops up. Tired of […]

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Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

How a Dual Fuel Heat Pump Saves Money

A dual fuel heat pump has been described as an air conditioner with a gas heating unit, these heat pumps are becoming more popular in some colder states. The dual fuel heat pump is fairly recent development in the heating and cooling business. More accurately described as an air conditioner combined with a gas heating […]

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