The Most Affordable Heat Pump Package

Want to buy a heat pump package in the near future? These combination systems aren’t cheap. You should know what to look for in an affordable heat pump package.

What Is a Heat Pump Package Unit?

A packaged heat pump system is comprised of a self contained unit that has two separate functions: a heat pump and an air handler unit. Together they create a closed heating and cooling system. In some situations, you may be have been able get away with just replacing a bad air handler or upgrading to more efficient heat pump without having to buy both. But not with a heat pump package; you either repair or replace the whole unit.

But when it comes to doing a complete remodel on an older home or one gutted by fire or flood, you might be forced to buy a heat pump package in order to get both units cheaply. Or you move into a house with using a traditional fossil-fuel burning furnace, that you need to replace, a completely new heat pump package can be your best bet in saving money during times of high fuel costs. Selecting a packaged heat pump while not difficult can be very confusing to the average layperson on the street. Below are some things you need to take under consideration when buying a heat pump package.

Efficiency Ratings – In the US the SEER or HSPF Ratings are used. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and it describes how well the air conditioning function of heat pump unit works. The HSPF stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor and it describes how well heating functions work in cold weather. With both rating the higher the less energy it uses and the more money you should save. But don’t let the concept using high efficiency heat pump package units blind you to the importance of long term low operating costs. If the air handler or any part of a heat pump package is prone to frequent breakdowns or repairs, you will quickly outpace any energy savings you might gain.

Another point to think about is how your heatHeat Pump Package pump package looks. First you need to be aware how the outside heat pump unit affects the overall look and style of your home. Nothing can lower a home’s curb appeal like an ugly or poorly placed exterior heat pump. Look for cabinets that are made to protect the condenser from wind blown hazards or flooding as well as having a pleasing appearance. Another element that most people overlook when selecting a heat pump package is the pipelines for the evaporator and condensing coils. Most coils are made from cheap but easily damaged aluminum tubing. To get the maximum heating and cooling rates along with increased durability, you may want to investigate systems that use copper tubing instead.

And finally you need to investigate the issue of noise. Many cheap heat pump packages may use an outside unit that has poor noise reduction qualities because it is a poor seller as a standalone product. Also get references about the air handler too. Nothing is more annoying than having to turn up the volume on the music system or the television because you can’t hear them over the noise that the air blower makes! Now that you know a little bit more about what’s including a heat pump package and what to look for, you will are ready to do more in depth research and start talking to HVAC contractors.