When Buying Wholesale Heat Pumps

Since it is one the most expensive purchases the average homeowner can make, buying heat pumps wholesale sounds great! Then comes the Question: Where to buy it?

How Find a Wholesale Heat Pump

Before you go looking for a heat pump you need to know what exactly you are looking to buy. All the people you are going to be calling are very busy and you can’t be messing about when you talk to them. You must be half way knowledgeable and direct about what you want.

So first you need a bit of heat pump 101. Basically there are 3 major types of heat pumps: Air source, duel fuel and ground source. While it type of pump uses different heating sources than the others, they all pretty much work on the same thermo principle of heat transference.

Heat transference comes from the fact that all matter has heat locked inside it. A heat pump basically absorbs or extracts that heat and moves or exchanges it from one type of matter to another.

The most common heat pump is the standard air source. It extracts heat from the surrounding air and then transfers into a home for heating and out of the home for cooling. The next most common heat pump is the dual fuel, which uses a natural or propane gas as a supplement heater on freezing cold days.

And the final one is the ground source or geothermal pump which uses the temperature differences found between the air inside a house and the constant temperatures found in the earth deep underground. You decide on which type of unit you want, you can find nice discounts on any of these unit if at a wholesale price.

But the biggest problem with heat pumps on wholesale is finding them. Big ticket items, especially like a wholesale heat pump are very difficult to just “stumble” across. Your best bet is to check in your local phone book under ads for “heat pumps, wholesale”. Call around to the various vendors and dealers and see if they are willing and able to sell to the general public.

Your next step is to go online and see if you can find a website that is the storefront a heat pump dealer that does sell wholesale to the homeowners. Just remember that any wholesale price savings can easily disappear if you have to pay for a lot of shipping fees and insurance. With an online wholesale heat pump deal the real catch is in finding cheap shipping costs.

Next you can just getting the word out that you are looking for anyone who can get heat pumps wholesale. Tell every family member, friend, co-worker or associate you know to see if they can’t connect you with someone who works in the heating and cooling industry and can help you buy wholesale. If that “someone” is a HVAC professional, then be sure offer to use their services in the deal. But make sure you figure in the added cost of labor when they tell you the final whole sale price.

Of course buying heat pumps wholesale takes a lot of work; calling around, searching the web and setting up appointments to meet with local connections, but if you can find a wholesale heat pump that has a 20-30% discount, all the fuss and bother will be worth it.