Calling In The Heat Pump Repair Professional

Many homeowners are surprised that many common problems with their heat pumps can be fixed using a few simple tools and don’t require an expensive service call.

So how do you fix or repair a heat pump? When a heat pump needs fixing there are several universal problems areas you should always check first calling a HVAC tech.

The first item on the heat pump repair list is the problem of a heat pump not properly heating. No heat may be a problem with the thermostat or tripped circuit breaker. Make certain that the thermostat is set to the “Heat” and “Auto” modes. A thermostat improperly set can easily appear like a needed heat pump repair.

Make sure you don’t have it set to one of the cooling or continuous fan modes. And also make sure the heat pump has power. Remember your heat pump may have several breakers controlling it various functions, so you have to check them all.

Heat pump repairs on the compressor are veryHeat Pump Problems costly and require a train technician but a frequent issue it the heat pump freezing up. The unit is working then suddenly it stops heating and puts out cold air. Turn off your heat pump and check that the air filter isn’t blocked or dirty and clogged. Next check the air registers for blockages. Turn it back on. If you still have problems you may have a bad pump in the condenser.

Make sure none of the return-air registers are blocked and check the filter to make sure it isn’t clogged. If there doesn’t seem to be a problem with air flow to the unit, call an HVAC service professional.

Another common heat pump repair is when the unit keeps tripping the circuit breakers. Check to see if your secondary heaters (that come on when the temperature goes lower than 20 degrees F) are coming on and drawing too much power. Just reset the breaker when this happens.

A heat pump compressor that runs on and on probably has a severe electrical issue. Don’t let the unit’s electric motor keep going without stopping. It will quickly destroy your compressor! Have a reputable HVAC technician test your unit.

A compressor on the other hand that has short off and on cycles may also have electric motor problems. Inspect the outside unit, for excessive debris or spider webs, burnt, broken or loose cables or wiring. If you find any of these problems you may have already damaged your heat pump compressor beyond hope but you will need to have a HVAC tech check it to be certain.

The temperature in the room that is too low or too high or swings from one extreme to another is caused problems with the thermostat. This simple heat pump repair is done by adjusting or calibrating the thermostat. If the thermostat keeps failing you can easily replace by yourself with a similar make or model.

Of course having an annual maintenance check along with keeping dirt and debris from inside and around your heat pump and air handler can easily prevent a whole bunch of heat pump repair problems in the long run.