Dealing with a Contractor for Your Heat Pump Service

An important aspect of having a heat pump installed and to keep it running in prime condition, is to make sure that you have a heat pump service contractor to come in as regularly as you can. The reason for this is that you need to have it operate at its optimum and that it would not pack up at the time you would need it the most. This means that you should have a maintenance schedule in place so that your system does not wear out before its time and you prevent irreparable harm to it.

By having someone do this service on a regular basis, you would also save a lot of money as you would not have to replace any of the parts too often or to have any repairs done to it. To add to this benefit is that you would save on energy as well. This will inevitably shave off a large percentage from your electricity bill as well as the fact that your pump will run efficiently. If you do your servicing around the changing of the seasons, that is, from cold to warm or vice versa, would make a big difference in the benefits you would get from your system.

It would be best for you to have a contractor, who should be a specialist, to come in to perform this service for you. The person would know what needs to be looked at in general and would also clean and replace any parts that are worn. By doing this, you would greatly increase the lifespan of your pump. As most heat pumps work on a similar basis as a refrigerator, it would therefore need the same effort in maintenance and service.

Finding the Right Heat Pump Service Contractor

In order for you to have the best heat pump service and the best person to look after your heat pump, you need to find the right contractor. There are various factors you need to look at if you wish to find a person suitable for this purpose. Some of the factors to look at would be that:

  • You should be able to see whether the person or company is a licensed HVAC contractor in your state or region. You can check this with the local authority.
  • Most local governments have consumer hot lines through which you can access and verify whether the contractor’s license exist and that it has not been revoked or suspended. Even if this was only temporarily you would rather want to employ someone with a good track record.
  • Other aspects you should look at is also the insurance:
    • To find out whether the contractor has an adequate insurance policy
    • It is vital that you are aware that it is common for contractors to take shortcuts.
    • A disreputable contractor can easily let their insurance policies lapse or be under-insured for the type of work they need to do for you.
    • By checking this thoroughly you will ensure that nobody does work on your property without workers’ compensation insurance. If you allow this and someone is hurt or injured, you may be held responsible for covering their expenses.
  • You must make sure that the contractor does not have a bad reputation.
  • You should check whether the contractor you acquire for your heat pump service has any unsettled claims or unresolved complaints that have been leveled again them.
  • You could often find these companies online with many times disgruntled customer complaints.
  • The best way to find out which contractor is best to hire, is to request references. A contractor with a bad reputation will have a bad name wherever he might go and hence, to would not be too difficult to trace him. References are obtainable from online sources and very often by word of mouth.

His reputation would mostly be related to his expertise, his experience as well as the knowledge he should have as a heat pump service contractor.

The Requirements of a Good Service Contractor

The requirements of a heat pump service contractor, is a simple matter. All he needs to have is experience. This would already indicate that he has the knowledge of what he is supposed be doing. What this means is that he should have a broader experience than simply installing new units because installation is simple, quick and easy.

What you are looking for is experience in terms of:

  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Servicing and Replacements of parts
  • How the person has been in the heat pump service business. This does not necessarily equate quality, but it does mean that the company has been around for a period of time and that the possibility exist that they are doing good work.

A further aspect is that they should be able and willing to give you advice or leave you with some tips as to how you could take care of your unit in between services. You should not have to ask them for this information. They should also be able to advise you on when it is time for you to replace your unit with a new one, especially if replacements are going to outweigh the cost of a new one.

The contractor would also be in good standing with your local county office, or your city office in that they are able to get permits for the work they need to perform for you and everyone else. If they have not been doing good work, the permits are usually revoked and you would be able to find this out at the local office. Even if they have been reinstated, the safest bet would be to go with someone with a good record.

If the contractor does good work throughout the service time of your pump, it will give your pump a longer lifetime. The result is that your heat pump service contractor can save you a lot of money over the years as he would know for what to check.