The Ruud Achiever UPQL AZ Series Heat Pump Review

The Ruud Achiever UPQL AZ Series heat pump is recognized as a green unit because it uses only Earth-friendly R-410A refrigerant. It also allows for energy savings and at the same time provides you and your family with the best comfort. It will help you cut costs on your municipal bill. The Ruud pumps are easy to maintain and to service helping assisting further with saving on cost as it will save on labor costs. The best quality materials are utilized with which to manufacture the units as well as give you extended service.

All Ruud heat pumps are made for performance and its quiet operation make it very popular as well. Whichever of these pumps you might choose would provide you with the service for your home. A good contractor or sales person would assist you to get the best installation for your purpose. The best pump might just be the Ruud Achiever UPQL AZ Series heat pump.

Features and Benefits

When you install a heat pump it is for the sole purpose of having a comfortable home and allow for simply relaxation. One of the heat pumps that would make sure of that is the Ruud Achiever UPQL AZ Series heat pump. These heat pumps have been proven for over a hundred years as the most efficient, reliable, durable and long service units. There are features and benefits that make it possible for the extended service and the lifespan it offers.

The Best of the Ruud Achiever Series

The Ruud Achiever UPQL-AZ SeriesRuud Achiever UPQL AZ Series Heat Pump heat pump has features that are common to all Ruud pumps. One of the best features for your home as well as the environment is the Earth-friendly R-410A refrigerant that is utilized in the unit. As a green unit it therefore benefits the home overall as it adds to the fact of having clean indoor air. Some of the features and benefits are:

  • The Copeland Compliant Scroll Compressor is the heart of all the units. You will find this in all the Ruud units as well as in the Ruud Achiever UPQL-AZ Series heat pump. It is dependable, efficient with the excellence of its sound reduction.
  • The features of the powder-painted metal finished steel cabinet which is also galvanized. The louvered cover wraps around the unit to protect the condensing coils from external hazards and damage. Branches and stones and other weather extremes, which include rain and hail, could damage it, but it is protected by the steel cabinet.
    • The steel, wrap around cabinet add to the attractive appearance of the units.
  • The sturdy construction of the base pan will make sure that it does not warp. It lifts the condensing coil fins up and away from any corrosive condensation and thus makes sure that it is not damaged. This elevation assists with the reduction of vibration and reduces the noise levels of the unit as well. The reduction of the levels of this unit is as low as 72 dB. This is similar to the sound level of a dishwasher.
  • The reduction of the noise and the vibration adds to the benefit of a long lasting Ruud Achiever UPQL-AZ Series heat pump.
  • The outdoor coil fans construction of the Ruud heat pumps is that of copper tubing and aluminum fins. There is an improvement in the airflow transfer and this, in turn, helps to reduce energy consumption, saving you in the long run.
  • The service panel can be removed easily for easy access to the compressor and the control box. What this means is it makes it quicker and easier for maintenance, service as well repairs.


Efficient Performance – The rating of the heat pumps is measured in SEER and HSPF. The Ruud Achiever UPQL-AZ Series heat pump has a SEER up to 15.00 and HSPF up to 10.45 XL. The smaller residential settings or a light commercial environment will benefit mostly from this configuration.

Warranty on the Ruud Achiever Series Heat Pump

Even though you have a heat pump with the best construction, Ruud Series heat pumps carry a warranty to add to its reliable and professional service. This is in support of all its units and this would include the Ruud Achiever UPQL-AZ Series heat pump. The unit carries the same warranty as the rest of the units and you will therefore note that it will carry a:

  • Conditional ten-year parts warranty
  • Ten-year conditional compressor warranty

In order for you warranty to be valid you need to complete the registration of the product once the contractor has installed the unit. This registration needs to take place within sixty days to ensure that the warranty is valid. Additional warranties are also available and these are especially useful as you will not only saving, but the warranty will cover any labor costs, for example. This is especially if you need to need to have repairs done to your system and replacements made.